Artwork Description

Around 250,000 blades of long Alang-Alang grass and 45km of twine were carefully woven to create the giant Nest and the Cocoon cubby house at Pinkstone Playground in Erskineville.

It is impossible to look at these works without smiling – they are fun and cosy and textured and an invitation for imagination to wander. These artworks are designed for active use by children. Many of the adjacent terraces have small yards, and Pinkstone Park is the main play area for local children. The sculptures are the final stage of a park upgrade which includes new seats and fencing, improved pedestrian access with new paving, new turf and dozens of new shrubs.


The project was a collaboration between Sue Barnsley Design, Landscape Architect and urban designer, and Reef Knot. Reef Knot is a scalable artist collective featuring Michelle McCosker and Alasdair Nicol, who collaborate, on a project by project basis with additional artists across all art forms. Reef Knot were assisted by collaborators Lucia Scurrah, Renata Field, Anthea Fitzgerald, Shrin Kunze, Olivia Lovell, Lucy Hall, Jesse Cox, Eloise Rapp, Kirsten McCosker, Hollie Liu, Belinda Sheekey, Ruby Langton-Batty, Prodita Sabarini, Laura Pike, Chris Hancock and Sonia Tsai, and many local residents who watched with great interest as the colourful structures grew.

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