Art in public places is one of the indicators of a flourishing cultural life. It can add joy, texture and complexity to the public domain, help to define our places, tell our stories, and preserve our memories for future generations.

City Art is the City of Sydney’s program for public art, supporting local and international artists to contribute to the creative and cultural heartbeat of our city. This includes commissions of permanent works and temporary art installations; programs for the maintenance and conservation of the City’s collection; and a framework of policy and strategy that articulates the vision and process for implementation. Additionally, the City is also involved in the assessment of public art proposals in private developments during the development application process.

Underpinned by the Public Art Strategy and Policy, which were updated to align with Sustainable Sydney 2030, the City’s Public Art Advisory Panel guides the public art program. This website tells the stories behind the hundreds of sculptures, monuments, fountains, murals and memorials in the City’s care. We encourage you to explore, discover and delight in Sydney’s public art.

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