Artist: Kerrie Poliness
Curator: Amanda Sharrad
97-103 Portman Street, ZETLAND, 2017
Project: Green Square Public Art Program

Artwork Description

Stream was inspired by the ongoing relationship of the Drying Green site to water, including its transformation from swamp and wetland to a dam for industry, through the current use as a storm water culvert and a return to wetland within the park.

– Kerrie Poliness, 2014

Stream consists of a series of intersecting straight lines forming a meandering glass pathway across the Drying Green Park. It produces a flexible diamond structure within the lawn, through the central paths and over raised, tiered rows of benches. The highly integrated artwork is embedded within the park design, materials and forms and becomes a functional secondary route through the park.

Stream’s geometry of waves reflects upon the manifestation of waves across a variety of phenomena such as water, sound, energy, light, geomorphology, and migration. Waves can relate to physical movement and transfer of energy, or can be a metaphor for the phases of history and culture, in constant motion and transition.

The artwork is conceptually linked to local ecology and history. Stream also refers to the active process of following physical and conceptual paths and making connections. The work evokes the flow and collection of knowledge, the forming of ideas, the evolution of stories, and the interlinking layers of history.


Kerrie Poliness is a leading contemporary Australian artist based in Melbourne. Her practice includes instructional Wall and Field Drawings, and research-based projects investigating the natural and social histories of place. Through these artworks and investigations into systems, repetition and symmetry of force Poliness embraces the differentiation of all objects in nature and the ironic impossibility of perfect mass production.

Wave Drawings, such as Stream, combine the two strands of the artist’s practice, research and drawing, and refer to the site’s geographical, ecological, historical, and social context.

Green Square Public Art Program

The Green Square Town Centre will have a role as the heart of an evolving inner-city region.

The City is responsible for several major projects in and around the town centre and the integration of artworks is a priority for the area to ensure that it is an engaging and vibrant place for the local and new Green Square residents, workers and visitors.

The Green Square Public Art Strategy, by Curatorial Advisor Amanda Sharrad, is a program of permanent and temporary art projects that aims to connect with the community, and address the historical, cultural and ecological elements of the site.

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