The Eora Journey, meaning ‘the people’s journey’, is a visionary project which celebrates the living culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Sydney.

Hetti Perkins, Eora Journey Curatorial Advisor

The Eora Journey: Recognition in the Public Domain program addresses the need for better recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage, identified during consultations with the community about Sustainable Sydney 2030. The City of Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel, comprising local community members, plays a key role in this project.

In 2010, Eora Journey Curatorial Advisor Hetti Perkins and architect Julie Cracknell undertook an international review of cultural interpretation to help guide the development of the public art projects commissioned for the Eora Journey program.

Recognition in the public domain is one of the four key components of Eora Journey. It comprises seven major public art projects created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists symbolising the Eora Journey, the program now includes Yananurala | Walking on Country and nine further projects.

The other components of Eora Journey include; a signature Aboriginal event; an economic plan to address the community’s access to education, employment and training opportunities, and an Aboriginal Knowledge and Cultural Centre to create opportunities for employment, tourism and sustainable industry and to promote cultural understanding among residents and visitors.

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