Artist: Erin Turner and Peita Blythe
Date Installed
Installed 2017
Newtown Library, 8-10 Brown Street Newtown NSW 2042

Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

Artwork Description

As local residents, we understand the vibrant tapestry of Newtown – its iconic spaces and colourful personalities

– Erin Turner and Peita Blythe

Mapping Community is a narrative panorama showing significant landmarks and spaces that captures the rich community spirit of Newtown.

The line-art illustration using paint markers which span the length of the glass panels of the mezzanine level of Newtown Library which overlooks the ground floor.

Largely monochromatic, accents of colour have been used to represent Newtown’s lively LGBTIQ community.


Designers Erin Turner and Peita Blythe form a creative, collaborative partnership exploring conceptual mapping practices. They draw influence from design, architecture, geography and cartography.

Library temporary works

This temporary work at Newtown Library was commissioned by the City of Sydney Library.

Portal, a temporary installation at Ultimo Library has also been commissioned by City of Sydney Library.




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