This artwork was temporary and is no longer at this location

Artists: Isabelle Cordeio, Katie Hepworth, Mathew Chan
Curator: Steffen Lehmann
Date Installed
Installed 20 Oct 2009 - 28 Jan 2010
West Of Castlereagh St, SYDNEY, 2000
Project: Laneway/City spaces

West Of Castlereagh St, SYDNEY, 2000

Artwork Description

The Infinity Forest was a green oasis amongst the hard, vertical walls of Penfold’s and Hosking Place. Normally used as a shortcut or smoking area, visitors to this forgotten alley found it transformed by a burst of concentrated nature.

In the space carefully located between fire escapes, vehicle ramps and back door entrances, the public came across tough timber walls that concealed a forest within. Fifteen trees up to 4 metres tall were placed within a mirrored structure that was self-watering.

Entering this intimate urban living room, you discovered yourself captured in an infinite view of a silver birch forest, where you could pause and reflect on the city above.

Project Team

Isabel Cordeiro – Artist

Mathew Chan – Architect, Scale Architecture

Katie Hepworth – Urban Theorist

Laneways Temporary Art Program - By George! Hidden Networks

The Laneways temporary art program ran from 2008 to 2013. It aimed to activate the laneways, inject new energy into the urban life and stimulate creativity and innovation in the city.

The second Laneways program was titled By George! Hidden Networks and sought collaborations across at least three disciplines to address climate change and urban renewal in the city’s lanes. It was curated by Dr Steffen Lehmann and consisted of eight artworks on view from 1 October 2009 – 31 January 2010.

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