Artist: William Martin
Date Installed
Installed 1921
Dr H J Foley Rest Park, 140 Glebe Point Road, GLEBE, 2037
Tag: War Memorial

Artwork Description

The Glebe War Memorial was commissioned in 1921 by the residents of the Glebe region to honour the memory of local soldiers who served in the First World War. The memorial consists of a stone edifice with marble facings, a marble dome and marble broken pediment, including two portrait busts on either side (left a soldier and right a sailor) and an angel on the top.

The enclosed chamber is fashioned in white marble board enlisting the names of the soldiers with gold inscription. There are various bronze motifs, two guard lights and a cupola topped with an orb provides a solid Victorian quality to the structure. The memorial was installed in the south east corner of Foley Park in 1924 and has an early Victorian architectural style that is similar to the nearby St Johns Church.

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