Artwork Description

The artworks installed throughout Wulaba Park… combine to create a field of colour, fun, play and discovery, giving the park a kinetic quality.

– Nuha Saad (2016)

Creating an artwork that embodies the feeling of the local area, Nuha Saad’s public work is designed to enhance imaginative and narrative based play.

The artwork is integrated into the play equipment, paving and seating at Wulaba Park. A 3-storey tower featuring a giant slide, ropes, swings and tunnels completes the exciting play experience.

Patterned, painted paths and concrete benches with coloured resin discs add points of interest throughout the park. Large sculptural blocks build upon the theme of colour and play to create additional areas  as they can be used for sitting, reclining or climbing.

Nuha believes in the positive and transformative power of colour. She’s fascinated by the possibilities colour combinations present and our immediate emotional responses to colour.

The Field in the title of the work refers to the Colour Field art movement of the 1950s and 1960s. This was characterised by works that contained large areas of colour as the artists treated the surface of their works as one ‘field of vision’ saturated in colour.


Nuha Saad is a Sydney-based artist whose work involves playful investigations into colour and form combining ready-made objects and colour in inventive ways.

An example of public art in new development, Nuha worked with Sturt Noble Landscape Architects in response to this public art commission for the City of Sydney and Meriton.

Green Square Public Art Program

The Green Square Town Centre will have a role as the heart of an evolving inner-city region.

The City is responsible for several major projects in and around the town centre and the integration of artworks is a priority for the area to ensure that it is an engaging and vibrant place for the local and new Green Square residents, workers and visitors.


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