This artwork was temporary and is no longer at this location

Artist: Rochelle Haley
Date Installed
Installed January 2021 - May 2021
Wilmot Street, Sydney
Project: City Art Laneways
Tag: Performance

Wilmot Street, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Artwork Description

Ever Sun is a suspended installation that opens up the public space to a play of light that changes constantly, responding to the mood of the weather and the natural environment throughout the day. The artwork contributes an uplifting sense of colour, light, passage, and hope for the city.

By emphasising the changes of natural light, the work is a reminder of the cycles of life with beginnings and endings, as constant and spectacular as the rising and setting of the sun.

Ever Sun offers an inspiring space to walk and reflect, feel nurtured by colour and light, and be together in public, sensitively, in a way that reminds us of the resilience, necessity and beauty of art.

The work was exhibited at Carriageworks in October 2020, originally commissioned by Performance Spaces for Liveworks festival as 3 veils of coloured beads. 2 more veils have been created to suspend above Wilmot Street.

Ever Sun reflects the arches from the surrounding architecture in the city and other points of visual connection along the street. A rejuvenating sunset palette is enhanced by the long beams of actual sunlight flooding Wilmot Street in its east–west orientation.

The artist has planned for 2 public dance performances, created with choreographers Angela Goh and Ivey Wawn, to activate the artwork.
The morning and afternoon performances will encourage people to revisit the area at different times and experience it changing, and reward the daily experience for locals and workers.


Rochelle Haley
Rochelle Haley’s practice is engaged with painting, installation and movement to explore relationships between bodies and physical environments. Working with dancers and choreographers, her painting installation and performance works investigate space structured around the sensation of the moving body.

Haley is interested in expanding the colour field of painting and exploring the intersection between the body, architecture and abstraction, experimenting with the boundaries of disciplines to discover how movement of bodies can be expressed and felt by audiences. Haley lectures at UNSW Art & Design, where she completed a PhD in 2009.

The team

Choreographers: Angela Goh, Ivey Wawn
Performers: Angela Goh, Ivey Wawn, David Huggins, Patricia Wood, Alice Weber
Costume designer: Leah Giblin
Studio assistants: Lisa Myeong-Joo, Monika Cvitanovic, Ra Bull, Sophie Lane
Production and installation team: Cliffe Rosenberg, Garnet Brownbill, Oliver Brownbill
Originally Commissioned by Performance Space for Liveworks 2020

City Art Laneways

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic the City of Sydney invited thinkers and artists to create temporary public artworks that enliven our civic spaces.

We received a huge 230 responses from more than 200 artists. After much deliberation the evaluation panel recommended the proposals from 4 artist teams.

These artworks represent four very different responses to the artist brief. But together they provide bold, fresh and meaningful ways to reimagine city spaces and encourage Sydneysiders to rethink and revisit their city.

The City Art Laneways temporary public art program runs from January to March 2022.

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