Artist: Peter Oxerski
Date Installed
Installed 1989
Chalmers St Path, 5010 Chalmers Street, SURRY HILLS, 2010
Project: Ibero American Plaza
Tags: Bronze, Multicultural

Chalmers St Path, 5010 Chalmers Street, SURRY HILLS, 2010

Artwork Description

This bust of Ecuadorian hero Dr Eugenio De Santa Cruz y Espejo is made from bronze and is mounted on a sandstone plinth. It is located in the Plaza Iberoamericana on Chalmers Street, close to Central Station. It is part of a series of busts of famous Latin American heroes on display in the plazz commemorating the contribution of Spanish and Portuguese speaking people to the history of Australia.


Dr Eugenio De Santa Cruz y Espejo is regarded as the national hero of the Republic of Ecuador. He was a medical pioneer, writer and lawyer, who inspired the separatist movement in Quito.


The bust was created by Peter Oxerski.


The bust of was unveiled on 11 August 1990 and is associated with the bicentennial and the Ecuadorian community of Australia.


An plaque on the sandstone plinth reads: “Eugenio de Santa Cruz y Espejo / (1747-1795) / Ecuadorian encyclopaedist, physician, journalist and Patriot. / He was one of the chief figures of the illustration in / America. / Espejo was also the author of “The New Luciano of Quito”, / “Marcus Porcius Cato” and “Reflections on Small Pox”.”


Louella McCarthy and Paul Ashton (eds.), Sydney Open Museum Historical Survey, Sydney City Council, 1994, item 21, pp 139-162, liv-lx

Ibero American Plaza

First conceived in 1986 as a Bicentennial project, the Plaza Ibero Americana began as an idea to acknowledge the contribution of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking people to the history of Australia.

It was opened in 1988 and remodelled in 2000.

Located on Chalmers Street, Surry Hills, the Plaza Ibero Americana consists of two statues and 11 busts representing significant historical figures and Latin American national heroes.

It features a series of busts donated by nations including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, the Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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