This artwork was temporary and is no longer at this location

Artist: David Cross
Curator: Margaret Farmer (COFA)
Date Installed
Installed 17 Nov 2011 - 18 Dec 2011
Intersection with Campbell Street / Flinders Street / Oxford Street, DARLINGHURST, 2010
Project: Taylor Square Temporary Art program
Artist Website

Intersection with Campbell Street / Flinders Street / Oxford Street, DARLINGHURST, 2010

Artwork Description

Drift is part artificial wonderland, part physical ordeal, an artwork that asks audience members to rethink our experience and understanding of the urban environment.

– David Cross, 2011

Drift involved a huge yellow PCV tunnel inflated over the Taylor Square Fountain, offering the public a very different bouncy castle experience. Participants entered, one at a time, then slid down the tunnel, navigating the forthcoming randomly sprouting jets of water.

As the tunnel darkened, the individual relied less on their sight and more on their hearing and tactile perception to avoid getting sprayed. Within the structure, they had an intimate psychological journey—potentially experiencing themselves as brave, flexible and innovative in the face of a changing environment.

David Cross used this bright temporary inflatable artwork to playfully reconfigure the public space. The incorporation of water served to break away from the built environment and to humanize the space. Extending from the fountain across the pedestrian crossing, Drift challenged the conception of Taylor Square as a “gritty urban thoroughfare” and turned it into a playground.


New Zealand-based artist David Cross works across performance, installation, video and public art, focusing on the relationship between pleasure, the grotesque and the phobic.

Taylor Square Temporary Art Program 4

The Taylor Square art program ran from 2009 to 2013 and invited artists to develop temporary projects and installations that would transform the area from a busy intersection into a creative hub.

For the fourth Taylor Square program the City of Sydney invited collaborations from artists and arts organisations and selected We Make This City curated by Margaret Farmer, College of Fine Arts, as a NIEA Curating Cities project. This program tackled inertia regarding climate change, countering fear and frustration with trust, beauty, community and positive action on this urgent social question.

We Make This City included four artworks:

Drift by David Cross was on view from 17 November – 18 December 2011.

Rekindling Venus: in plain sight by Lynette Wallworth was on view from December 2011 – May 2012.

Cycle-in Cinema by Magnificent Revolution Oz was screening from 24 – 26 February 2012.

A leaf from the book of cities by Makeshift on view during Saturdays in March 2012.


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