Artists: Greg Stonehouse, Susan Milne
Date Installed
Installed 2008
George St to Pitt St, REDFERN, 2016
Tag: Community
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George St to Pitt St, REDFERN, 2016

Artwork Description

Bower is located on the corner of Redfern and Regent Streets, Redfern. It is inspired by the Bowerbird which borrows blue objects such as pegs and bottle tops to attract females during his courtship dance. The work represents a contemporary Bower and consists of a concertina of screens with the pattern of feathers, surrounded by blue shapes set into the paving. These shapes represent treasures from the experiences and stories of the Redfern community.

This sculpture borrows its treasures from the Redfern community. The public was invited to bring a favourite object to workshops held in April 2007. These objects were photographed and the stories recorded, then a blue glass cast was made of the objects that best lent themselves to be set in the Redfern Street footpath.


Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse are artists based in Sydney. They work in the public domain, the natural environment and galleries. They step into a number of roles as curators, strategists, planners, writers, designers and artists, enjoying a collaborative approach to each place and its cultural layers.

Redfern and Regent Streets upgrade

As part of the Redfern and Regent Streets upgrade, the City of Sydney asked for Expressions of Interest from artists to provide a major work of public art.

Five proposals were selected for public exhibition and Bower was chosen in response to community feedback.

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