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Chinatown Kiosk Wins Award

July 11th

The Chinatown Kiosk won a Small Project Architecture award at the 2012 NSW Architecture awards. City Projects Design Managers worked with Frost*, Lacoste + Stevenson and a great team of consultants and contractors to create this small glowing jewel in Chinatown. A key component of the project is the work Pao Cha, created by paper-cut artist Pamela Mei-Leng See which envelops the kiosk.

The screen design which has been taken from papercuts represents the residual chrysanthemum flowers in a ceramic vessel after the tea has been steeped and poured. In addition to the symbolism of making a tea reading for good fortune, the ceramic pattern underneath the flowers is intended to bring prosperity (fish) and longevity (stork).

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