Walking Tours

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A number of walks through the city have been professionally curated to take in Sydney's public art. Allocate 1 to 2 hours for each walk to allow time to take in the art works and appreciate our beautiful city.


Walk on Water

This walk is a guide to Sydney's water features and was developed in conjunction with the historical exhibition Water, Water Every Where. Thirty different water features are identified on the map along with photographs and historical information.

Download 'Walk on Water' Walking Tour Brochure | PDF 267Kb


City of Sydney Sculpture Walk

Download City of Sydney Sculpture Walk | PDF 802Kb


City Art Summer Walking Tour

Download the City Art Summer Walking Tour | PDF 762Kb


Historical Walking Tours

For more walks around the City of Sydney, visit our Historical Walking Tour website


Aboriginal Art

The City Art Google map can highlight the public artworks of significance to Indigenous Australians. Print that map and guide yourself around the City to discover more about this unique culture. Visit the Waterloo Library to see their extensive Koori Collection.


Laneway Art

The City's annual Laneway Art program is a great way to explore the City. Running from September to the end of January it includes the some of the most interesting artists working in Australia today. You can view a walking guide of the recent programme here. For more information visit the Laneway Art page here


Public Art tours by others

A number of groups now operate public art tours in the City. Check the tour operators sites for the latest information.


CityArt - Folly for Mrs Macquarie

Folly for Mrs Macquarie Fiona Hall 1999 Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens


Education Kits

To increase understanding and enjoyment of the City's public art, educational resources have been developed to add a further dimension to the City's collection and create a lasting legacy.


The documents made available below seek to enhance the experience of the City's collection through fun and informative programs targeting children and young adults.


For more information about these kits, please contact:


City of Sydney Public Art

+61 2 9265 9333


  • Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park
  • Ben Chifley, Chifley Square
  • Folly for Mrs Macquarie, Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Golden Watermouth, Chinatown
  • Memory is Creation Without End, Tarpeian Way, Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Passage, Martin Place
  • Pyramid Tower, Spring & Pitt Streets, Sydney
  • Sydney Cove Map, First Fleet Park
  • The Beacon, First Fleet Park
  • The Obelisk, Macquarie Place Park