The City of Sydney has joined forces with the Biennale of Sydney to expand Sydney’s public art collection with spectacular works by some of the world’s leading contemporary artists.Every 2 years, the City contributes up to $300,000 towards a legacy artwork for each Biennale.

The partnership will capitalise on the Biennale’s capacity to attract top Australian and international artists who create works designed to dazzle, inspire and start conversations. Juliana Engberg, the Biennale’s  2014 Artistic Director, said the agreement would allow “the memory of Biennales past” to linger in the city’s public spaces. Ms Engberg said,

The legacy project recognises the contribution the Biennale can make to the culture of place, and this new collaborative approach to commissioning offers great opportunities for artistic celebration in perpetuity

The Biennale of Sydney is the largest exhibition of contemporary art in the Asia-Pacific region. A Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the Biennale has been signed to allow the City to permanently retain some of the Biennale artworks as part of the legacy artwork project.

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