Artist: Heidi Axelsen & Hugo Moline (MAPA)
Danks Street South precinct and surrounding neighbourhood

Artwork Description

We have been asked to propose creative ideas that could make this new public place meaningful, beautiful and useful to the people who live here.

– Hugo Moline and Heidi Axelsen (2018)

As part of the artist’s participatory art practice, Hugo Moline and Heidi Axelsen (MAPA) were engaged by the City of Sydney to generate discussions with the community about the character of the Danks Street south precinct.

This important research phase, which took place in May 2018 has created the basis to formulate a strategy for the future development of public spaces in this area.

Download the open field agency public domain and public art strategy report for Danks Street south precinct.

The opportunity to engage artists in a collaborative team is an important strategy to ensure the public domain design for the precinct incorporates the thinking, vision and needs of the community.

See updates on the planning proposal for the Danks Street south precinct in Waterloo.


Heidi Axelsen and Hugo Moline work across the forms of architecture, installation, social process and situated public art. They make site-specific devices, discursive machines and social infrastructures. Their work takes many forms, depending on the context and actively engage people to question, understand and act-upon the built and political structures which frame our lives.

Moline trained as an architect and has worked on housing and public space projects for communities in Western Sydney, Bangkok, Manila, Suva and Lautoka. Axelsen studied as an artist and has worked with a broad range of communities in Western Sydney and internationally. Together they have built and exhibited work in various locations across Asia and Australia.

City Art program

City Design identifies strategic opportunities for the inclusion of public art into the fabric of the City’s public domain for the benefit of the community.

City Art aims to integrate opportunities for artists and celebrate their unique contribution to community life and our built environment.


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